The Wait is Over


The Wait is Over

As you saw in my post earlier this week, I weighed in on the 4 things I thought Tiger needed to accomplish in his apology. Let’s see how he did. 1) Express believable self-awareness. I give Tiger Woods high marks on expressing believable regret and embarrassment, but self awareness? Not sure about that.  His explanation […]

Tiger’s Big Day

On Friday, Tiger Woods will “break his silence” and make an official statement Friday morning from the clubhouse at the TPC Sawgrass, the headquarters of the PGA Tour in Florida. Like a sports analyst giving pre-game commentary, here’s my take:  His statement needs to do four things:  1) Express believable self awareness.  It has to […]

I Am an Emotional Creature – An Evening with Eve Ensler

Last night I attended Inforum’s evening with legendary playwright/activist, Eve Ensler.  For those of you not familiar with her, she is a force of nature and has dedicated her life to eradicating violence against women. But most people know her as “The Vagina Lady,” thanks to her now world famous play, “The Vagina Monologues.”  Her […]

Heartbreak Warfare: My Advice to John Mayer

I was going to try to refrain from being yet another voice condemning John Mayer for his absurd, racist, sexist tirade in Playboy, but here I am. Blogging about it. Rather than state the obvious (“ill advised” doesn’t even begin to cover it), John Mayer’s off-the-cuff interview with Playboy has certainly gotten me thinking a […]

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