Bronwyn Saglimbeni is a public presence coach who works with clients at all points of their careers to take their communication skills to the next level. Known for her playful, irreverent approach to coaching, Bronwyn has a knack for delivering “tough love” in a way that allows people to achieve true breakthroughs. She challenges clients to be to be authentic, engaging, and approachable, bringing forward their best selves to any public presence opportunity. 

Bronwyn has prepared clients for television appearances on American Idol, Real Time with Bill Maher, Bloomberg TV, CNBC ‘s Power Lunch, the Oprah Show, the Home Shopping Network, and PBS Newshour. Bronwyn has midwifed over a hundred and fifty TED, TED Global, andTEDx talks.

Bronwyn is a high voltage keynote presenter, and she brings that same charged energy to her small group workshops, where she inspires an active participation that brings out the best of each participant.  

A master storyteller and dynamic on-camera presence herself, Bronwyn has created video modules for her global clients, and enjoys any form of on-camera interview – be it in person or via satellite feed.

When she’s not writing or in coach mode, Bronwyn’s goal is to be the “eye of the storm” in a house of three small children and a Type A husband in the Bay Area.  She spends an alarming amount of time listening to NPR, is addicted to Rob Bell podcasts and secretly wishes she could write a novel, front a band, and learn to speak Farsi, and not necessarily in that order.


On Camera Coaching

A drastically altered media landscape has created a new reality for those reporting on news and trends. 

1:1 Presentation Coaching

In an era of collapsing attention spans, we know instinctively that the old rules of presenting no longer apply. 

Group Workshops & Keynotes

Bronwyn is a high voltage keynote presenter, and she brings that same charged energy to her group workshops...