Positioning Statement Hell

This is an example of how not to write a positioning statement:

X is one of the key platform developers and solutions providers for mobile technology. A preferred technology partner of major industry players, X offers innovative mobile and Internet services by helping them develop competitive business solutions and turnkey applications.
At X, we have one thing in common with our partners: we both value the consumers as our end-users. Our team keeps a strong focus on offering end-to-end technology solutions and support when and where it is needed.

You could copy and paste almost any company name in here and take out “mobile” and pretty much anyone could use this. Please, my fellow PR people, don't succumb to the sales guy's claims of "IT just HAS to have the word "innovative" and "value our customers" in it!!! Resist! The sales guy may have the ear of the CEO, but YOU my friend, will have your name attached to a piece of crap that reporters laugh at.