Nifty site worth checking out

Given that ever retailer is shoving Christmas down our throats before Halloween even began, I'm beginning to once again turn my attention to interesting approaches to seasonal PR.

I stumbled on a fantastic gift site thanks to RealSimple Magazine, and notices some very nice Web 2.0 worthy PR in progress. First of all, the gifts featured are beyond darling, and are from some wonderfully creative independent toy/gift shops across the country. Second of all, as I was shopping around, I thought, these guys need a word of mouth program... this site is very buzz worthy. Then I noticed they actually have a blog on the site. Hmm... says I. While I LOVE that they're thinking this way, I'm a little disappointed in terms of execution. I'd like more "stories" that talk about the people behind their cool products (lots of mom and pop type stuff) and less "look where we were featured today!!" (that belongs in the "press" section). But maybe it's a work in progress. Either way, check it out... really wonderful stuff.