PR Peeps: Drop What You are Doing and Read This

In case you’re not already a fan, take note: Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey is one of the most valuable PR resources available today.

According to Sam, “Our philosophy is to help tech PR pros reverse-engineer what does run, rather than gin up pitches and shop them with a moistened finger to the wind.” Yes, my brother.

Don’t let the 1997 web design fool you (sorry Sam), the content in the newsletters is like gold. They host weekly editorial conference calls with some of the industry’s top reporters, and they use their newsletter to deliver gems like how best to leverage video, slide shows and other forms of new media… the insights don’t come from PR people, they come from the publications and reporters themselves.

In terms of cost, Sam has fee structures set up for large agencies and one man shops alike. I highly recommend doing the free trial. Until you’ve received the newsletter, it just looks and feels like yet another ProfNet situation. But it’s much more… You will soon find yourself quoting info from Sam in every client meeting. Enjoy!