Saving Private Palin

fox-news-logoAccording to a New York Times piece, Sarah Palin is joining the ranks of Fox News, and will be hosting a series of reports, similar to what Oliver North has done via his “War Stories” series.   My take? This is the perfect use of Sarah Palin's talents. As I mentioned in a previous posting, I think Sarah Palin has tremendous potential as a spokesperson.  She has a very authentic voice, an energy that resonates with a whole lot of people (conservatives, almost without exception), and is simply stunning on camera.  As I mentioned before, her greatest threats are unscripted interactions with the press and the public.  By giving her a scripted opportunity to do her thing, Fox is playing perfectly to Palin’s strengths.   From that standpoint, I applaud the move.

What I fear for Fox News is this – they seem to have a poor grasp of who their female audience really is.  Full disclosure: it’s not me.  But I have some very sharp, highly educated, free-thinking, conservative female friends who seem terribly misaligned with some of the women on the Fox News team.  Here's a great example:  Gretchen Carlson, famously called to task by Jon Stewart for “dumbing down” her intelligence to appeal to what I’m guessing must be Fox’s understanding of the “mainstream American woman.”

My suggestion to Fox News is this:  For every Gretchen Carlson or Sarah Palin you bring on board, please, PLEASE add a Peggy Noonan as a counterpoint for the thinking women in your audience.

Just sayin’.