There is a single word that describes my work in the world:


I have spent the last 20+ years helping people shine during some of the most important moments of their lives—whether that was helping a client prepare for a judge’s seat on American Idol, a “casual chat” on Real Time with Bill Maher, or a shot at glory on the TED, TEDx and TEDGlobal stages.

I believe that the ability to communicate well has become the number-one sought-after soft skill of our time. And not just in the workplace, but in their personal lives too. People want to be spellbinding, charismatic and authentic in front of an audience and in a one-on-one conversation. Bottom line: people just want to shine.

My superpower is helping people communicate in a way that breaks through the static of our everyday lives. I believe that inside of each of us is a clear, compelling voice capable of influencing even the toughest audience. I will show you how to access that voice, so that truth can be spoken to power any time, all the time.