Nothing brings me more joy than working with a live audience.
Below are a few of my most popular workshops and speaking topics:

Audience A.D.D. & the New Rules of Public Speaking

In an era of collapsing attention spans, we know instinctively that the old rules of presenting no longer apply. Bronwyn offers a new set of guidelines and skills that will help attendees tap into the audience “interest span,” and move people off of their smart phones and onto the edge of their seats. Using a blend of engaged teaching, video examples, and group discussion, this session offers a fresh take on how best to develop and deliver content that is arresting, repeatable, and compelling. This is Audience Empathy : ensuring that content honors the needs of the audience, and the way adults learn, process, and remember new information. 

Active Listening & The Power of Real-Time Curiosity

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t said,”  - Peter Drucker

A study conducted by George Washington University showed that listening can influence up to 40% of a leader’s job performance. Inc Mag-2016 Yet most of us are woefully unskilled at the simple act of listening. Bronwyn helps participants develop a set of skills that completely transform our presence in a meeting, presentation or interview. They learn the skills required to manage the dissent, push back (or even hostility) that can sometimes plague us as we share new ideas. Participants learn how to hear the message behind the message, and with that knowledge comes tremendous power.

Voice & Leadership

This workshop gets at the heart of who we are when we stand in front of the room. We examine what it means to have “presence,” and the role that our authentic “voice” plays in our development as leaders. We also explore the habits that hold us back from clear, compelling communication, and look closely at what is gained from maintaining these behaviors, but also what they cost us. During the workshop in small groups to make practical plans to begin 1) to notice the behaviors and triggers and 2) to make conscious choices, even under pressure, to communicate in ways that are less limiting.

Next-Level Living: Own Your Goals, Manage Your Fears

This workshop helps participants to make concrete plans to take their work lives to the next level. Too often we set goals or dream big without coming face to face with our own “inner saboteur.” This workshop encourages each person to play big while diving deep into the aspects of our personalities that hold us back. Each participant will walk away with greater insight into their own behaviors and a new skillset for coping with the ways we limit ourselves.