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Over the past 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of people, logging thousands of coaching hours, but my work has always had a singular focus: to help each person shine.

It’s what great communicators do.

We shine when two things happen simultaneously: 1) we are completely authentic, and 2) we hold an audience’s full attention.

In fact, what I’ve discovered is that when we know how to shine, we know how to stand in our

own power. But for too many of us, just making a point during a meeting, or voicing a dissenting opinion in book club causes our heart rates to rise... our palms to sweat. And getting up to a microphone to give a keynote? Certain death.

This magical state of being both completely authentic AND captivating shouldn’t just be reserved for those other worldly, next-level humans whom we assume were born with that sparkle, that “fearlessness.” (Note: There’s no such thing.)

That magical state is available to all of us.

Whether it’s through my podcast Twenty Minutes with Bronwyn, or from a stage in front of a thousand people, or a small gathering in a conference room, it is my life’s work to share the tools and techniques required to shine as brightly as possible.


“Bronwyn’s energy is infectious and her keynotes are powerful and effective. Each time we bring her in to speak, we walk away with new insights into how we can shine brighter.”

Lenys Alcoreza
United Healthcare