When a leader needs to deliver a critical point that is memorable and actionable, Bronwyn intuitively understands how to help capture an audience’s attention and maintain it over the course of a given talk. She knows how to make a complex idea simple and repeatable.  Don't prepare for the most important talk of your life without her assistance.

 - Theresa Payton

President & CEO Fortalice Solutions, Former White House CIO

I have worked with a few well-known presentation coaches, and Bronwyn is by far the best.  She showed an uncanny ability to zero in on the few changes that would make a dramatic difference and brought out my natural authentic style. 

- Shirzad Chamine

Author of New York Times Best Seller Positive Intelligence

Lots of people have tried to teach me to become a good public speaker. All failed besides Bronwyn. She explained what a speech is supposed to accomplish, breaking the parts of it down - like a great film writing teacher. She forced me to know what I'd say, how I'd say it and where on stage I'd say say it - which diminished my fear of giving a TEDx talk. And somehow, she was kind and patient and funny. I am totally writing this endorsement in the hopes that she'll give me a discount and help me on my next speech.

 - Joel Stein

Journalist, Time Magazine

I want to thank Bronwyn for helping me fine tune my on-camera presence and for making me feel so much more comfortable in front of the more than 25 million viewers every week on American Idol. 

 - Kara Dioguardi

Former Judge on American Idol

Bronwyn is like a powerful, wise spirit-deity miraculously able to transform even the most nascent idea into compelling storytelling. I was astonished and delighted by how quickly Bronwyn cut through my over-complicated thought process to cull the shining nugget of truth that animates my story. Her energy, clarity, generosity and wide range of interest in life and human behavior informs her skilled coaching. Working with Bronwyn is such a joy, yet it's also like mainlining a turbo-charged smart pill- she helps me uncover my best ideas.  

- Doug Menuez, award winning photographer, author of Fearless Genius


Bronwyn is amazing. Her ability to connect with each speaker she works with, to assess where they are and give them JUST WHAT THEY NEED, is remarkable. When she helped me with my TEDx talk at Stanford, I really felt that I had an ally, someone who knew me and was there supporting me, putting wind in my sails. But on the day of the event, when I saw all of the other speakers interacting with Bronwyn, too, I realized that she had formed a special connection with every single one of them. Now, every year at TEDx Stanford, my favorite thing to do, besides absorb all the terrific talks, is to watch the unique way Bronwyn connects to each speaker. She is their coach, anchor, motivator, champion and cheerleader. To see them find her after the talk, and celebrate that moment together, is heartwarming and magical.

- Dan Klein

Stanford Lecturer Graduate School of Business, Theater and Performance Studies, d.school

Bronwyn energized our audience and had them fully engaged.  The feedback was tremendous and consistent - everyone in the room took away nuggets of advice that they could immediately put into action. Our teams are still talking about the session and they’ve even created a verb - ‘that deck was Bronwynized’. We keep bringing her back for more group sessions and the results are always positive.

- Cory Treffiletti | Vice President, Marketing & Partner Solutions, Oracle Corporation