“If they only knew…”


“If they only knew…”

For a culture as obsessed with achievement as ours is, you’d think we’d be really good at processing and internalizing our successes along the way. I’m here to tell you otherwise: We —at least here in the U.S.—are gawd awful at processing our successes. I see it all the time in my work with extremely […]

We Teach What We Allow

  We teach what we allow. This little piece of wisdom is often repeated by my father. When I was growing up, he used it in the context of child rearing, but as I became an adult, I realized that this phrase is every bit as relevant to our interactions with grown ups as it […]

“Just Be Yourself”: Worst Advice Ever?

In Sunday’s New York Times, Adam Grant contributed a great article entitled, “Unless You’re Oprah, ‘Be Yourself’ Is Terrible Advice.” In it, he took aim at a concept that has become quite fashionable as of late: Authenticity. Grant describes the danger of being “authentic” at all times, and how it can lead to blurting out […]

How to Torpedo Your Talk: Memorize It

There are few things that scare me as a public speaking coach, but this phrase does it every time: “Yeah, once I memorize my presentation script, I’ll be good to go.” This is the point when my circuits get jammed, and I want to reach across the table and shake my client and warn them […]

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